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With Google Analytics, you can analyze your company's data in one place with free tools and learn more about your customers.

See the big picture
With Analytics, you can easily analyze how users of your website and app interact with your content to find out what is and is not well received. Use reliable reports and dashboards to determine the role of the different channels. You can even connect systems that measure CRM, points of sale and other customer touchpoints to get a complete picture.

Insights that you can only get from Google
Thanks to the machine learning algorithms from Google, you can get completely new insights from your data – such as which users are likely to convert or who are particularly wealthy.

How insights become success
Analytics was designed to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products. In this way, you can use the insights from your analyzes to target the right customers. Link Analytics to Display & Video 360, Google Ads, AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager. You can then create remarketing lists using your analytics data and easily access them in Display & Video 360 and Google Ads.

Make optimal use of data
With the convenient interface and shared reports, you can quickly analyze data and encourage collaboration. How to process and share huge amounts of data in seconds. The configuration APIs ensure high flexibility and the complete implementation of the programmatic concept. Analytics also includes technical support and a global infrastructure that provides secure and accurate data for your websites and apps while maintaining full control.

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