Social networks and their properties

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A social network is an online service that offers the opportunity to exchange information and build relationships.

The resulting online community communicates and interacts according to the possibilities of the respective platform in virtual space.

On the technical basis of a social medium (social media), which is used as a platform for the mutual exchange of opinions, experiences and information, there is a definable social network of users with content generated by them.


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Facebook enables the creation of private profiles to represent yourself, company pages for business presence, and groups for private discussion of common interests. ..wikipedia

Twitter (English for twittering) is a microblogging service of the company Twitter Inc. On Twitter, registered users can send telegram-like short messages. The messages are called “tweets” (from English to tweet “twitter”) … wikipedia

Instagram is an ad-financed online photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook. Instagram is a mixture of microblog and audiovisual platform and enables photos to be shared on other social networks. [3] … wikipedia

LinkedIn  based in Sunnyvale, California, USA is a web-based social network for maintaining existing business contacts and establishing new business connections…. wikipedia

Xing (own spelling XING) is a social network in which the members primarily manage their professional contacts. Xing is operated by the listed New Work SE (until July 2019 Xing SE) based in Hamburg … .. wikipedia

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